Top cleaning recommendations for industries using cooling towers

It is always necessary to think about maintenance of cooling tower. While most industrial cooling towers failure happens due to dirty system, there are more reasons to maintain good health and hygiene of the cooling tower system. A dirty system affects the performance and occupant health. You should be aware of the Legionnare’s disease and how cooling tower is responsible for the growth of fatal legionnella bacteria.


Manufacturers of industrial cooling systems recommend visual inspection and scheduled maintenance to regulate the growth of organisms in the system. The experts discourage the use of water quality measurements to monitor LDB (Legionnaires’ disease bacteria) level. We bring top recommendations to help in keeping your cooling tower facility clean and LDB free. Let’s read them –

  • Usage of biocides to control microorganism growth 
  • Maintain sump water temperature around 68 degree Fahrenheit or lower
  • Inspect the cooling tower equipment every month 
  • Clean and disinfect the cooling tower every three months or twice a year in case you have not used the unit year-round. It is necessary to clean the cooling tower at the starting of each cooling season and after it’s shut down in the fall term. 
  • If the system has more LDB level, you need to clean it more often 
  • Clean and disinfect the cooling tower any time they are out of service for a long time
  • For removing any construction material residue, clean and disinfect the cooling tower
  • Keep detailed records for future reference

The entire maintenance and cleaning procedure should be done while the system is completely shut down.

Cooling tower move air through the water system with the help of fan and allow water vapor to sit inside the system. The system becomes dirty with slime, algae, mud, and sludge, all which builds up and gathered at the basin floor. Legionella bacteria grow underneath the slime and scale layers. This dirty water can affect the chiller and revoke them to perform and increase energy costs.

Whenever you find scale, slime, or sediment on the surface of cooling tower, you must clean the system. After cleaning, don’t forget to disinfect the system to prevent future bacterial growth.

If you want professional assistance, contact the industrial cooling tower maintenance experts. Make sure you perform a research before contacting them. A reliable service point can give you best maintenance results at competitive prices. Choose wisely.

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