Facts About Closed Circuit Cooling Tower That You Shouldn't Miss

Closed circuit cooling tower is a hybrid variety that passes the inside fluids via a tube bundle.

Main job of a Closed circuit cooling tower is to make the water flow sustainable to pass through a water sprayer and a fan induced draft.

Heat transfer performance of a closed circuit tower is equivalent or better than of a wet cooling tower but the dry advantage and better working fluid allows it environmental exposure and contamination friendly



This works on the dry bulb with the lower air temperature assistant thus makes it easy and environment friendly with the better efficiency.
How Open Circuit Cooling Towers Are Different From Closed Circuit?
Open cooling water system is at higher risk of water pollution and so, different types of bacteria proliferate faster to become a major threat to human health by dissipating the vapor holding bacteria. Legionnaire is one of the popular diseases caused from open water cooling system. It endangers human life by causing pneumonia.

Closed circuit cooling tower has largest proportion of cooling water circulating within the enclosed loop, thus, there is minimum risk of water pollution involved.

Benefits Of Such Cooling Systems
  • Water saving- closed circuit design acquires 100% closed circuit circulation for process fluid that save water.
  • Space saving – The compact design of the cooling tower lets the user to fit it within limited space.
  • Investment saving- Closed circuit design has a self-attached water basin and completely enclosed cooling coils that are used for preserving cooling water that saves any type of ground construction cost.
  • Easy to install and maintain – You merely need a connection of pipe and electrical system to install closed circuit cooling tower.
As Manufacturers of closed circuit water cooling tower is scaling free, you can save a lot of money as this tower doesn’t need regular maintenance. You can service the tower quarterly, but make sure you don’t neglect the servicing of the tower due to busy production schedule.

Most manufacturing units and even some suppliers are offering maintenance services for cooling towers to their global clients. Just get in touch with such people and keep your cooling tower fit for future operation.